What To Expect After Dental Implant Surgery

What To Expect After Dental Implant Surgery

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If you’ve scheduled a dental implant procedure, you likely spent a lot of time researching what happens during dental implant surgery, but what about what happens after you get dental implants? Most patients find that recovery from dental implants is faster and more comfortable than recovery from tooth extractions; in fact, you’ll probably be able to resume your normal activities shortly after your procedure. 

Dental Implant Recovery Timeline

While the recovery from dental implant surgery is usually less uncomfortable than recovery from a tooth extraction, you'll still need to allow yourself time to rest and relax after your appointment. In addition, a soft foods diet, avoiding intense activity or exercise, and abstaining from alcohol and tobacco use will help you recover faster, with fewer complications. If you follow the aftercare instructions we provide to you, you'll have the best chance of a speedy recovery with minimal discomfort.

Most patients are able to resume all of their normal daily activities after three days. Naturally, those who only require a single dental implant heal more quickly than patients who have several dental implants placed at the same time, or who have a type of implant-based restoration that involves extractions and implant placement in a single appointment.

Even once you feel like you've returned to normal, your recovery isn’t exactly complete—the surgical site will continue to heal for a while. It can take up to six months for your dental implants and jawbone to fuse together during the osseointegration process. After your dental implants have osseointegrated, the odds of them failing are extremely low, and with good care and maintenance, they can last a lifetime.

Dental Implant Pain

What about pain during the healing process? What will your level of discomfort be? This is a common concern among patients, but it's also a difficult question to answer because everyone experiences pain differently.

Just before your dental implant procedure, local anesthetic will be administered to numb the surgical site, ensuring that you are completely comfortable while your implants are placed. Your mouth will be numb for a few hours after surgery, and when this wears off, you'll notice some tenderness. This is normal.

We'll provide you with instructions on how to manage any discomfort and swelling. To alleviate pain and inflammation, over-the-counter pain medications and cold compresses are usually sufficient. You may experience some soreness if you brush or chew near your new implant(s), although this is usually limited to the first few days after an implant is placed.

Swelling and discomfort should decrease with each passing day; however, if your pain worsens, you should contact our office right away because this could indicate an infection. We will set up a time for you to come in for an evaluation.

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